Dominion Farm Animal Sanctuary was created in order to provide a home for, primarily, farm animals who have either been abused, neglected, or are just unwanted. We chose the name Dominion due to the tendency of some people who use such language to justify the rampant abuse of animals. While I have published numerous works protesting the misuse of this term, we thought it would be more compelling to show the meaning of the word–that is, to show what dominion looks when appropriately practiced. Though we are neither religious nor pious, we have been greatly influenced by Isaiah 11’s depiction of the peaceable kingdom. It is within such a vision that we find proper dominion to be at work.

Adopting animals is not the only thing we do at Dominion. We also host live punk rock, anarcho-folk, burlesque, art, and whatever-else-you-can-think-of shows. The purpose of these house-shows is to not only provide an artistic space for our community (as well as a place of brief respite for the touring community), but to create a community of like-minded artists who want to share their ideas, their thoughts, their music, whatever it may be, in order to help one another think about what it means to live authentically, sustainably, and, just, differently. If you’re interested in knowing more, please contact me at yorktripp(at)gmail(dot)com.